Koh Samui Luxury Villas

Experience Koh Samui beach life from your luxury villa

The third-largest island in Thailand, Samui enjoys the same beauty as its larger cousin Phuket, yet attracts slightly fewer visitors giving it a more 'boutique' feel. Characterised by its dramatic hills and cliffs, the island never ceases to amaze visitors and every beach and bay has its own charm and charisma. Starting with the touchdown at Samui International Airport, a picturesque and enchanting feature of Koh Samui, the island seems to always have something new and exciting on offer and people keep coming back year after year. Especially the island's popular Chaweng Beach is a popular go-to place for everything hip as new restaurants, bars and shops seem to appear here every week.

Therefore, when private villas started to become popular in the early 2000s, it didn't take long for Koh Samui to catch up, and the island now has one of Thailand's largest and most impressive collection luxury villas for sale and rental. The variety ensures there is something for everyone whether it is a secluded two-room villa or a grand five-bedroom palace with private spa and a host of other services. Many of the villas are privately owned and depending on the purpose of the villa come in diverse designs. Many of the villas for private use are very distinct in their architecture and interior design while the majority of rental villas are kept in neutral design as to not offend anyone.

In terms of architecture, villas can broadly be divided into two categories; the traditional Thai-style villa with the characteristic pointed Thai roofs and the more modern, western-inspired villa in clean lines. The former is often constructed in indigenous materials such as bamboo and other tree sorts with the interior reflecting Thai art, while the latter commonly comprise, steel, concrete and large glass fronts. Apart from aesthetic differences, the services and amenities offered at luxury villas are very similar with most villas featuring a private pool as a minimum. The larger villas will sometimes have an entertainment room featuring a private movie theatre and pool and soccer tables. A small team of staff is also commonly available such as cooks, cleaners and butlers.

Finding your way in this villa jungle can be very time-consuming. Companies such as Luxury Villas and Homes offers various services to make your holiday planning easier and ensure visitors get as much out of their holiday as possible. LVH can help identifying the perfect villa as well as arranging a suitable staff to meet individual needs whether it's a wedding, a birthday or a corporate event.