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Types of Bali villas for rental

Welcome to Paradise

Bali coastline

“The stunning scenery on Bali keeps visitors coming back year after year”

The growing number of visitors to Bali each year is testament to the fact that this Indonesian isle lives up to its paradisiacal reputation.

Over the past three decades, Bali has made a name for itself as one of the world’s most popular beach destinations, and the island’s idyllic scenery and fascinating culture continue to attract more visitors every year.

The island is home to a large number of high-end resorts, many of which offer top class facilities that seasoned travellers have come to expect. However, a high proportion of Bali’s most popular hotels become fully booked months in advance, which means private villas have risen in popularity on recent years.


An Opulent Oasis

Tranquil pool area in Bali private villa

“An increasing number of visitors are choosing to stay at a Bali holiday villa”

Overcrowded hotel pools with no vacant sun-loungers, or snaking queues for the breakfast buffet are hardly the picture of paradise many visitors imagine. That’s why many people now opt to spend their vacation within the homely comfort of a private holiday villa.

Bali Villa Rentals provide holidaymakers with a heightened sense of privacy and independence. With a private chef often available, guests can enjoy mouth-watering cuisine at the time of their own choosing, rather than being governed by the timetable of a hotel restaurant.

Some guests even find that the highlight of their trip is heading down to the local market early in the morning for fresh fruit and vegetables that can be prepared for a delicious breakfast back at their private villa.


Relax and Enjoy

Landscaped gardens of Bali private villa

"Bali’s private villas are more than a match for the island’s hotels in terms of the facilities on offer"

A private villa tucked away within the vast landscape of Bali’s stunning scenery is certainly preferable option for those that prefer privacy and exclusivity of a kind that cannot be found in a hotel or resort. Bali villa rentals can also prove to be a more economical for guests travelling as part of a large group, in addition to being more convenient than booking out a large number of hotel rooms.

Many of the island’s most sought after properties embody a fine fusion of modern Western amenities with a vivid Balinese twist. Guests can enjoy state-of-the-art entertainment systems and fully-equipped kitchens within the cool tranquillity of a villa decorated in a traditional Indonesian style. Hand crafted wood carvings and vividly coloured silk hangings add a more personal touch to the interiors and help guests to ease into an environment that feels like a tropical home away from home.


Personalise your Vacation

Spacious areas of Bali private villa

"A dedicated team of staff ensure guests have the most relaxing stay possible"

To ensure guests have the most memorable stay in Bali, many of the island’s rental properties come with their own team of professional staff, which may include a villa manager and even a personal chef.

A huge variety of villa designs and layouts are peppered across the lush island, and reputable agencies like Luxury Villas and Homes can help visitors find the perfect villa that satisfies their requirements for a dream vacation.

Many visitors opt to rent properties within close proximity of central tourist areas like Seminyak and Sanur, whilst travellers seeking the ultimate island oasis often prefer villas nestled in more remote locations on the island’s north coast.




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