Luxury Villas

Why rent a private villa?

The Appeal of Luxury Villas 

All over the world in the last few years, a new trend has stood out in tourism that is the ever-increasing demand for luxurious private villas in resort destinations. Whether talking about urban coastal locations, famous beach resorts, or even coastal mountain retreats, long-term residents and short-term holidaymakers are showing an increasing preference for private villas of their own.

" A group of friends can rent a villa to celebrate and enjoy a holiday together without worrying about upsetting other guests."

A Life of Luxury

In addition to the locations, freedom and privacy on offer, those who stay in luxury villas quickly learn to appreciate the incomparable levels of attention and service they receive from the staff. Every villa is different in terms of the onsite services offered, but having not only housekeepers but also often a chef, concierge or butler on site is increasingly common. These staff members are professionally trained and their personalities and dedication can turn a great vacation experience into an unforgettable one.

The following advantages make luxury villas an unbeatable choice:


The Good Life

“Extra space, privacy and facilities all make for the extra-special memories for the holiday of a lifetime.”

Villas also offer a real sense of exclusivity and a true slice of the good life. While staying in a villa, the attention of the staff is focused completely on the guest and every possible facility is made available for their comfort. Another attraction of a luxury villa is the diversity of locations on offer. When staying in more traditional accommodation, such as a resort, visitors seeking luxury usually have a limited amount of choice in terms of location and overall experience; a branded hotel on Bali will generally be pretty similar to the same brand in any other location, and luxury hotels will often be found in one main part of the island or city. Those who want more choice in terms of where they stay are delighted to find villas scattered all around a destination, sometimes right on a beachfront, other times on an oceanview cliff or mountainside, or maybe even tucked into the peripheries of a quiet residential neighbourhood.

Unforgettable Experience

A stay in a luxury villa is definitely one of the most unique ways to fully enjoy the destination you choose for a holiday. Whether the villa is a quiet rural oasis from the urban hustle or a grand seaside retreat, the privacy, variety and services on offer will make the experience second to none when it comes to quality holiday accommodation. While visitors have limited choice when it comes to the location of hotels, many of which are at the centre of busy tourist areas, the same cannot be said for the diversity of locations where private villas are available, which is nothing short of vast.




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