Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

With corporate responsibility and sustainability we mean to conduct and develop our business in a manner that takes into consideration the effects our operations has on the natural and social environment in which we exist.

Today, stakeholders as well as the general public expect businesses to not only generate revenue but to contribute positively to the society and the environment and minimize whatever negative effects may stem from their operations.

In January 2008, Samui Villas & Homes and Phuket Villas & Homes Group of Companies launched its environmental program to help combat climate change. "Think Green" is our business approach and motto. Our environmental program is part of our Corporate Responsibility campaign to make our group of companies a socially and environmental sustainable tourism business.

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SVH-PVH Group of Companies will continue to strive in our effort to become a sustainable tourism business by taking on not only the environmental challenge but also social responsibility!

As part of SVH's Corporate Social Responsibility we will support the ECPAT International (End Child Prostitution Child Pornography and Trafficking Of Children for Sexual Purposes) in its work and effort to provide increased protection to children from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism.

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Green News:

Projects and Venues

SVH-PVH Group of Companies will also continue to support and participate in local and global environmental and social projects and venues.

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