Thailand Villas

Why choose Thailand Villas for your holiday?

Thailand villas as a holiday home 

The last three decades have seen Thailand’s tourism industry boom to such an extent that it is now one of the most popular destinations on the globe for holidaymakers. Millions of guests arrive in Thailand each year to experience its stunning natural scenery, authentic, mouth-watering cuisine, spectacular beaches and world renowned shopping facilities.

Indeed, according to research by Trip Advisor, Thailand is topped only by New York as a shopping destination and recent years have also seen the country’s real estate market soar. Despite its long standing popularity with global travellers, the Land of Smiles continues to drive a cycle of reinvention that allows it to sustain its appeal to new generations of visitors.

Coastal paradise

Most of Thailand's holiday hotspots are focused in coastal areas and on the idyllic islands situated in the south of the country. The following seaside holiday resorts can be found on the islands and also the Thai mainland:


The ultimate islands

Thailand is now one of the top destinations in the world for luxury villas, and the tropical islands of Phuket and Koh Samui are where most of the villa for rent can be found. To complement each island’s soft white beaches and twinkling turquoise waters, the luxury and quality of villas on offer to holidaymakers in these locations is second to none. Both destinations are also serviced by direct flight connections to cities across Asia, making them easily accessible to holiday-makers in search of a relaxing vacation.

“Guests can find luxury private villas throughout Thailand's many islands.”

Luxury villas on Phuket and Samui run the gamut from quaint two-bedroom bungalows to splendid ten-bedroom mansions with an extensive range of facilities, including a private gym, pool, movie theatre, expansive living areas, tennis courts, and sometimes even a private spa.

A personal touch

Staying in one of the many Thailand villas offer's guests a more exclusive experience, and many feature panoramic views of the lush surroundings and awe-inspiring ocean. What could be better than beginning your day by indulging in a breakfast of fresh Thai fruits on your villa’s private terrace? It certainly beats queuing up for a hotel breakfast buffet. 

"A villa offers extra privacy, space and freedom that a conventional hotel cannot.”

Villas also offer the best of both worlds in terms of access to island amenities, with a high number being situated within easy reach of tourist towns and entertainment districts, but far enough away to offer an escape from the crowds. Guests that opt to stay in one of Thailand’s luxury villas can enjoy a more personalised experience in their exclusive surroundings.