Bali Villa for Rent

Why rent a private Bali villa?

Few islands can capture visitors' imaginations year after year the way Bali does. Known throughout the Asia and increasingly the world as the ultimate island destination, its name conjures thoughts of pristine beaches, terraced rice paddies, delicious cuisine and friendly locals.

Whichever of those things you are most looking forward to on a trip to Bali, the experience is sure to be a memory that will be treasured for years, especially if you choose to rent one of the island’s many private villas.

Like many other major resort destinations, Bali now has a healthy supply of privately owned villas for rent that meet a range of visitors’ needs. Bali Villas for rent come in just about any size or style, and can match your holiday needs regardless of whether they are looking for something modern and sophisticated or perhaps a little more cozy and traditional. The island’s villas are also available in a range of sizes, meaning families, couples, large groups or even couples in search of a romantic retreat will find a villa that fits them just right.

When renting a villa on Bali, the appeals are numerous. One of guests' oft-mentioned favourite aspects of staying in a villa is the choice of unique locations possible. In most parts of the island, those seeking comfortable accommodation have to choose from a limited number of hotels. These hotels will usually be clustered in one area and often offer an experience that is very similar to that offered in a luxury hotel anywhere else in the world. Rental villas on the other hand, offer the same standard of luxury but  provide greater choice in terms of location, allowing visitors to experience perhaps a more local community area or just be somewhere totally isolated, like on the side of a mountain.

Prices for rental Bali villas are generally very affordable too, especially for guests visiting during off-peak times of year. Unlike some other resort destinations, Bali is pretty close to the equator and the weather is pleasant literally every day. Even during the rainy season, sunshine is a regular part of the day and the island offers a great deal of things to do and see for visitors, from excellent shopping and dining to exotic adventures and a well-respected local massage culture.

Whether planning a long weekend or an extended stay, a Balinese rental villa offers the perfect place to stay while visiting the Island of the Gods. Villas provide a real sense of home complete with personalised luxury and a wide choice of locations. They can therefore make your holiday on Bali extra special.




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