Phuket Villas

What types of Phuket Villas can you rent?

The Pearl of the Andaman

Phuket coastline
Phuket’s charming natural treasures bring visitors back each year

Phuket's growing supply of private villas has flourished on the back of a very successful tourism industry, which has placed the island in the Andaman Sea amongst the most attractive travel destinations in the world. For many years, tourists from around the world have flocked to this Pearl of the Andaman to enjoy the feel of talcum-powder sand between their toes as they breathe in the island’s friendly holiday atmosphere. A tropical climate, friendly local community and a wealth of stunning cultural attractions are just a few more reasons why Phuket has become one of Southeast Asia’s top holiday destinations. As a result of this popularity Phuket is home to some truly amazing hotels and resorts that offer world-class services and amenities often for a fraction of the price found elsewhere in popular tourist destinations in Europe and the Caribbean.


Astounding Accommodation 

Beach front views in a Phuket private villa
Phuket’s private villa rental industry has grown significantly in recent years

One way that Phuket has remained a fresh and attractive option to seasoned travellers lies in the island’s ability to re-invent itself. In order to give visitors a little something more than the traditional hotel experience, many resorts started to offer private villa accommodation. Private rentals offer travellers increased privacy and freedom – two things important to any traveller who has traveller thousands of miles to enjoy the best Phuket has to offer. The villas have become very popular and an increasing number of property developers started to build individual private villas or small all-villa communities offering the same services and facilities as high end hotels. More and more private investors are also coming to Phuket to build the villa of their dreams for a place to holiday or retire.


Real Estate Haven

Stunning Phuket villa Nobhadol
Phuket offers some of the world’s most luxurious properties

Thanks to a long love affair with high end real estate, Phuket developers have become very qualified over the years and they have built some of the most luxurious properties in the world on the island. Fierce competition with other exotic holiday destinations in places like the Caribbean and Mediterranean have inspired developers on Phuket to offer that little something extra to remain at the front of the pack. As a result of the island’s property boom, local authorities have also introduced strict building regulations so that quality has improved and sustainable, green practices encouraged. The result is a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing and safer built environment.

Freedom to Choose

Phuket villa bedroom with bunk beds
Phuket’s villas come in a range of layouts and designs

Over the last thirty years, Phuket’s blossoming property market has attracted a host of overseas developers and investors. As such, a range of diverse properties have sprung up around the island. All-villa developments often have building and design codes that dictate overall architecture and sometimes even interior designs, but private investors who come to the island to build their dream villa more often than not have very specific requirements in terms of layout, design, facilities and even landscaping. A selection of the villas available have even been constructed in the elegant, traditional style of Thai architecture, which is perfect for guests that want to experience the Kingdom’s rich culture. Traditional villas often feature unique touches that include pointed roofs and generous use of natural construction materials. Other properties are more modern in design with clean lines and minimalistic furnishings. No matter what your taste and preferences, Phuket is sure to have a villa that fits your needs.


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