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One of countless islands in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali distinguishes itself via its unique Hindu culture which fascinates people from all over the world due to its colourful and spiritual characteristics. Another major attraction here is varied nature with its lush terraces rice fields in the island's interior, black volcano sand beaches to the north, rugged coastlines in the remote west side of the island and beautiful, wide sandy beaches to the south and southwest. Combined with world-class entertainment and night clubbing in Kuta, and hip restaurants, bars and shops in the upscale lifestyle area of Seminyak, the island is so versatile there is entertainment here for what seems a lifetime.

Given its many high end lifestyle offerings, the area around Seminyak has traditionally been the most popular location for private villas. But because of soaring land prices, more developers and individuals are starting to look elsewhere for equally, if not more, beautiful nature at a fraction of the cost in Seminyak, where destination hotels and beach clubs such as the W Retreat & Spa Bali, Ku De Ta beach club and now the upcoming Potato Head beach club also help push up prices. Some of the newer locations include Pemuteran on the north coast to the west, where rugged the rugged coast may not lend itself well for upscale beach clubs but offer a refreshing remote alternative to the high-paced Seminyak.

The area around Jimbaran in the south is also a popular villa destination due to its dramatic cliffs overlooking the ocean. Here you are away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Seminyak yet less than an hour away if you do feel the need for some entertainment or want to go night clubbing. Jimbaran also has a distinct high end feel with many of the world's most prestigious hotel and resort chains location here, such as the InterContinental and Bulgari as well as some privately owned ultra luxurious hotels. With land prices still relatively expensive yet more affordable than in Seminyak, Jimbaran villas offer a better chance at capital appreciation while still enjoying a prime location.

Balinese architecture is the choice of the majority of developers building villas here, partly because they take into account the local climate but also because it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. One of the first things one notices when arriving to Bali is the use of carved stone to decorate everything from houses, shrines, temples, walls and gates. Many houses are entirely enclosed with walls made of cut stones in various shapes and the entrance is often guarded by mythical creatures decorated with local flowers. Due to the tropical climate and sunny weather, many villas also incorporate spacious outdoor living and lounging areas, often combined with lush landscaped gardens. An element of water is also typically present, which emphasises the closeness to nature and the spiritual world so evident everywhere on Bali.