Samui Luxury Villas

Luxurious private villas have been sprouting up in holiday destinations all over the world for several years now, and demand for these properties as both long and short term holiday homes continues to grow. Guests not only enjoy the luxurious furnishings and cool designs on offer, but also the privacy and seclusion that a villa offers.

On the island of Koh Samui, more and more luxury Samui villas are becoming available to visitors every year. The term "villa" now represents a wide range of properties, many varying greatly in terms of size and style. Some offer just two bedrooms, others provide as many as 10. They also differ greatly in terms of design, commonly featuring traditional Thai design elements, but increasingly also of a more contemporary style, with cool and airy interiors perfect for the island’s year round hot weather.

Facilities for guests at a villa match and even exceed those offered by the island's many resorts. Private swimming pools boast ocean views straight form the water, living spaces are fitted with the latest in AV technology, bathrooms feature with in and outdoor bathing options and special additions include jacuzzis, massage rooms and even private cinemas.

The island itself is a great place to enjoy a holiday, whatever kind of luxury villa one is staying in. Koh Samui is known for its fabulous watersports, and those interested in snorkeling or scuba diving can discover the many species that live in the reefs around the island. The interiors of the island also offer adventure activities such as jungle trekking, while guests seeking something not quite so physically demanding will love Koh Samui’s world class shopping and dining choices. Especially in the most developed tourist areas on the island’s East coast, restaurants and shops offer international goods and dishes at great prices.

Those planning a longer term stay will find a luxury villa particularly rewarding, but even those on a shorter stay will appreciate the unbeatable sense of style and privacy. Guests often comment on the friendly and hospitable Thai people who live on the island, as well as the helpful staff that take care of them during a Samui luxury villa stay. The country as a whole is famous for its welcoming, gentle culture, and on Koh Samui this is as true as ever. Many guests find that even temporary interaction with locals can make for lasting memories and such experiences set Koh Samui apart from other destinations.

The luxurious villas around Koh Samui are the perfect place to call home while staying on this incredible island. With so much to do and see,  those looking for adventure and those seeking total relaxation are equally well catered for. Whatever type of holiday appeals, when complemented by the wonderful accommodation and the helpful expertise of local folk, a private villa stay on Koh Samui is sure to create lasting memories of one of the world’s best destinations.




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