Bali Luxury Villas

What types of Bali luxury villa are offered for rent?

Even for the most seasoned of travellers, a trip to Bali is unlike a vacation to any other popular tourist destination in the world. For starters, Bali is not a major urban centre that has a particular industrial core. In fact, tourism is the driving force behind the economy of this idyllic Indonesian island.

Beautiful Bali

The mere mention of the word “Bali” is enough to conjure up images of enchanting sugar white beaches fringed with coconut palms swaying gently in a balmy tropical breeze. The natural splendour of Bali continues to attract a growing number of holiday makers each year, whether thrill seekers in search of adventures such as surfing or scuba diving, or visitors merely looking for some rest and relaxation.

Over the years, the unique allure of Bali has captured the hearts of travellers from across the globe and the island is now home to a host of luxurious villas, resorts and hotels.

A true getaway 

“To make your holiday a true getaway, why not escape from crowded hotel resorts and enjoy the tranquillity of a luxury villa?”

Despite the choice offered by traditional resorts, some holiday makers are disappointed by the impersonal experience of staying in a hotel and prefer to look for an alternative that remove the stress of contending with other guests for prime sun lounging spots around an overcrowded communal swimming pool. Most high-end resorts offer more of less the same kinds of service and experience and many now attract large numbers of guests. Consequently, an increasing number of visitors are opting to spend their vacation on Bali in one of the island's many exclusive privately rental villas.

Each of Bali’s luxury private villas offers guests a personalised experience to remember. Many of the island’s luxury villas comprise the following facilities:

The personal services offered to guests at many of Bali’s luxury villas also help visitors to enjoy their holiday all the more. Many villas come with their own manager and chef, allowing guests to truly sit back, relax and enjoy the wonders of the island with every need taken care of. 

"Enjoy first class facilities backed up with a range of personalised onsite services"

Staying in a villa also offers guests the chance to interact more with the local Indonesian community, picking up tips from the staff on the best things to see and do in the local area. The experience of staying in one of Bali’s exclusive luxury villas ultimately adds to the overall appeal of the island, as guests can find the perfect combination of personalised facilities and services to meet all of their vacation needs.

Island Investment

As Bali’s popularity as a tourist destination grows, the opportunity for investment in the island’s private villa sector is also expanding. Property owners can generate high profits if they are willing to rent their villa out to visitors during peak tourist season. Properties that include all the facilities expected of a desirable villa rental are likely to sustain their value for the long term as a result of the island’s solid reputation as a tourist destination. Some property values are even predicted to rise as more tourists make the journey to this idyllic tropical island in search of a private slice of paradise. This means villas can generate high yields for owners from rental revenue, especially if they are willing to rent their property out during peak season.