Thailand Luxury Villas

Why rent a luxury villa in Thailand?

Latest Travel Trends

Luxury Villa by the beach

“Luxury holiday rentals are this year’s hot ticket”

The explosive trend in buying and renting out lavish holiday properties has spread to all four corners of the world in recent years. The growth of the villa rental market, in particular, means luxury residences have become the hot commodity for real estate agents operating in the world's top holiday destinations. With one of the largest tourism industries in the world, the Kingdom of Thailand is leading the way for the rest of Asia, and has been a front runner in the holiday rental trend, with private villas sprouting up in many of its top holiday destinations like Phuket and even in some urban areas as well.


The Perfect Phuket Property

Phuket villa with ocean view

“Absolute privacy, friendly staff and mesmerising ocean views”

On the lush island of Phuket, private holiday rentals have become a firm favourite with discerning travellers from across the globe. Guests can luxuriate in the added personal space a villa affords, and enjoy the impeccable service that often comes with staying at a managed property. Other visitors take immense pleasure in the charming natural benefits, that often include blissful ocean views and a tranquillity afforded by secluded locations far removed from roads clogged up with traffic. Whatever it is that an individual loves most in their villa, there is always something about them that takes an average holiday and makes it unforgettable.


Affordable Options

Phuket beachfront bedroom at Sava Villas

“Renting out a private villa is a surprisingly affordable option”

Phuket’s chalky-white beaches, glittering azure waters and a vibrant underwater landscape have acted as tourist magnet for the past thirty years. The unique fusion that results from these charming natural treasures and world-class villas only increases the intense allure of the island, which is why many people have built second homes there. In other parts of Thailand, private villas are also becoming more and more important on the hospitality scene. Although they may seem out of the price range for many visitors, villas in Thailand are actually quite affordable to rent, especially for a group stay. Thailand’s newest villa developments are constructed by reputable contractors to meet international quality standards, in addition to providing that extra privacy and luxury. 


Living in Luxury

Villa interior defines luxury at Sava Villas

“Thailand’s property rentals are attracting a growing number of guests each year”

Thailand’s wide selection of holiday properties offer lavish facilities for a complete fantasy holiday. Many villas boast their own private swimming pools and Jacuzzis, which is perfect for holiday-makers that want to unwind in style. Home entertainment systems, state-of-the-art security systems, professional kitchens and idyllic outdoor dining areas are also common facilities. Other advantages, such as private concierge services or a car and driver can usually be arranged beforehand or sometimes come included in the price of a villa rental. For owners, rentals also present the opportunity to make a decent return on investment, especially during high occupancy periods around Christmas and New Year that make up the peak tourist season for Thailand. Thailand is home to a robust tourism market, which has safely withstood the testing times of the global economic recession. As such, investors looking to generate returns on their assets will find that Thailand is a safe bet. Whatever one is looking for, buying or simply staying in a luxury villa in Thailand, the experience is sure to be a remarkable one.