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Why are Luxury Villas on Koh Samui increasing in popularity ?


Every year, the spectacular sugar soft beaches that surround Koh Samui attract a growing number of visitors from around the globe. Situated in the midst of a sweeping archipelago of islands known as the Ang Thong National Marine Park, Samui is also home to a growing number of diversions for visitors that want to do more than spend their vacation lounging on a beach. Thailand’s gentle tropical climate, welcoming people and varied attractions make island gems like Koh Samui a major hit with wide range of nationalities.


Beyond the beach


Many people visit Koh Samui each year to explore the fascinating array of marine life that thrives beneath the blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Samui's offshore reefs and sister islands are a paradise for both divers and snorkelers, who can expect to see a diverse range of creatures, including butterfly fish, barracudas and even turtles in the underwater paradise. On dry land, many visitors also choose to explore Samui’s lush jungle landscape. If you are a keen bird spotter, a visit to  the interior is a must and a ride on an elephant is one of the best ways to travel through the forest.


Islands in demand


An increasing number of visitors choose Koh Samui each year an the resorts on the island are often fully booked during peak seasons from December through to March. Busy hotels can disappoint guests who were looking for a secluded, relaxing island break and this has inspired the launch of more bespoke accommodation offerings.

 “More visitors are turning to private villas for their personal accommodation needs.”

To keep up with demand, a number of developers and individuals are adapting to travel trends by developing luxury private villas on the island. Rental villas offer visitors the best of both worlds in terms of facilities and perfect location, while the added appeal of total privacy guarantees quiet rest and relaxation.


Villa vacation


The facilities guests can expect to find in one of Koh Samui’s luxurious private villas are certainly enough to rival those at the majority of hotels on Samui. Many of the villas offer the following amenities:

          •        Private swimming pool

          •        Jacuzzi

          •        Landscaped tropical gardens

          •        Ocean views or beach access

          •        Outdoor dining spaces

In addition to the more exclusive surroundings offered by a private villa, guests also have more choice with regard to location of their accommodation on the island. While many of the island’s hotels are situated in resort areas like Chaweng Beach, a good number of of Samui’s villa are tucked away in the quieter bays and hillsides offering perfect tranquillity. For guests who like to be close to the action, there are also villas for rent but a short distance of the busy resort centres.

“Guests are able to relax and enjoy personal peace and exclusivity at a private villa"

Finally, booking a private villa can often be more economical than booking out several hotel rooms, especially if you are travelling as part of a group or with extended family. A private villa also offers you more living space to relax and enjoy your vacation without being troubled by, or indeed troubling your fellow guests.


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