Samui Villas

What makes Samui villas a special experience?

Pure Shores

Koh Samui mountains and sea

"Koh Samui has become one of Asia's most treasured island hotspots"

In comparison to larger islands like Phuket or Bali, Koh Samui is something of a precious pearl. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, the island's sugar-white shores attract a growing number of visitors each year, many of whom are greeted by stunning views of the serene blue waters and the vast archipelago of islands known as the AngThong Marine National Park as they fly in.


International Attention

Bangkok Airways plane

"The island's tropical airport has won several design awards"

Despite its small, rustic feel, Koh Samui airport operates international flights to several of Asia's major hubs, including Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong with Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways operating flights to the island, keeping the frequency high.


A High-end Haven

Luxurious interior of Koh Samui private villa

"Koh Samui is favoured by a wealthier travellers in search of private luxury"

In the last ten years, Koh Samui's unique geography has charmed a wealthier set of holidaymakers who arrive from the four corners of the globe.

Despite an abundance of budget options that have become backpacker favourites in locations like Chaweng Beach, the island now boasts a growing number of eateries that offer gourmet international and Thai cuisine.

The north, east and southern regions of the island have also developed over the years to cater for a more upscale set of visitors, will private villas offering tranquil surroundings accompanied by magnificent ocean views.


Matching Demand for the Best

A villa with green features in Koh Samui

"Design and construction strategies help maintain the island's natural charm"

To meet demand from increasingly sophisticated visitors, property development on the island has also become more sophisticated on Koh Samui in recent years.

Most rental properties and hotels are easily reached but rarely next to the island's ring road and the last ten years has seen local authorities tighten up on development regulations in order to preserve Koh Samui's original island feel.

There is therefore now more pressure on developers to ensure the high quality of projects and to employ greener construction strategies, and as a result, some of the world's most impressive holiday villas have been built on Koh Samui.


Property Paradise

Villa development in Koh Samui

"Koh Samui has become a magnet for savvy property investors"

When compared to its Andaman Sea sister Phuket, land tends to be cheaper on Koh Samui. This fact has ultimately made the island a lucrative gem for smart property investors, many of whom have built private villas on the island that are now available to rent.

In order to stay competitive, many property developers on Koh Samui have applied cutting-edge architectural concepts and the latest interior designs, which, factored in with the island's idyllic location makes it a prime destination for those in search of an exclusive retreat in paradise.

The pace at which Samui's private property rental market has expanded also means that shrewd travellers looking to rent the ultimate private holiday home in Southeast Asia now have a wealth of choices in a variety of locations around the island. Choices that include some of the most impressive beachfront and hillside villas in the world.




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