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While Bali is celebrated by many travellers as the jewel in Indonesia’s crown, an increasing number of visitors now choose to travel to the island’s eastern neighbour, Lombok. The less crowded island of Lombok is decorated with a generous sprinkling of natural treasures that includes sparkling white-sand beaches, spectacular jungle-covered mountains and Indonesia’s second largest volcano, Mount Rinjani. The network of small islands scattered off Lombok’s coast, known as the Gili Islands, is one of Lombok’s main tourist draws. While Lombok may lack Bali’s well established tourist infrastructure, the island more than makes up for it by assuming the mantle of a remote, island paradise, rich with activities that include water sports and shopping for handicrafts in the small villages that pepper the island.


Contemplating a villa holiday in Lombok? Here's some useful information to help kickstart your vacation planning.


  • The island of Lombok is situated to the east of Java and Bali in central Indonesia. The island comprises part of the Lesser Sunda chain of islands, and is separated from Bali by the Lombok Strait off its west coast and the Alas Strait off its east coast.

Passport and Visa Information

  • Citizens of US, UK, and EU countries may apply for a visa-on-arrival to Indonesia, valid for 30 days. For updates and visa requirement information for other countries, visit the Indonesian Tourism Board site (www.indonesia.travel)


  • Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • USD1:IDR8,650
    (for exchange rate updates check on www.xe.com)

Official Language(s)

  • Bahasa Indonesia, Sasak


  • Tropical climate with warm, humid weather throughout the year. Rainy season from November to May; dry season from May to October.

Quick Facts:

  • International Tourist Arrivals: 1 million (2012 est.)
  • Provincial Capital: Denpasar
  • Country / Area Calling Code(s): +62 / 370
  • Electricity: 220V – 240V, 50 Hz
  • Type(s) of plug / socket: mainly C, F and G

Destination Information

  • Indonesian Tourism Board (www.indonesia.travel)



Now that you have selected your destination, here are some pointers on how you can get to your Lombok villa.

Airport Info

  • Lombok International Airport, is situated in the small city of Praya in South central Lombok. Depending on your point of origin, flying to Lombok may include a connection in Jakarta.

Other Means of Arrival

  • High speed and regular ferry services connect Lombok with Bali and other islands in Indonesia.

Approximate (Scheduled Flight) Travel Time from:

  • Los Angeles: 17hr+ depending on connecting layover
  • New York: 21hr+ depending on connecting layover
  • London: 16hr+ depending on connecting layover
  • Moscow: 13hr+ depending on connecting layover
  • Shanghai: 5hr+ depending on connecting layover
  • Sydney: 7hr+ depending on connecting layover




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