Why are Luxury Villas on Koh Samui increasing in popularity ?

Spoilt for choice

Multiple dedicated kids rooms - The View

“Smart travelers who are looking not only for luxury but value are turning to book and stay in serviced private villas over resorts”

Since the idea or lets say more options of renting a fully serviced luxury villa more and more savvy travelers particularly expats that are based in Hong Kong or Singapore are opting to book a large private villa rather than the standard resorts or hotels. Koh Samui has been a pioneering market for this given the true beachfront nature of many located villas with some also  some commanding spectacular sea views of the island. The inclusion of short direct flights from the mentioned countries has also helped. There is a sense of exclusivity from a luxury villa not seen in most resorts. And for those that are wanting to spend time with close friends or a large family making up a large group are often more than not traveling with children. This point makes another attractive reason why villas are so popular due to their size, designs but more importantly value. Many Samui villas are absolutely perfect to accommodate children with their own dedicated facilities and extra room that include  as Bunk rooms,or extra bedd options given everyone peace of mind and more importantly keeping everyone together.

Luxury services and staff

Private luxury from a villa on Samui

“With a English speaking villa manager, typically with maids and a Chef, you will receive fantastic service”

When villa management companies such as Luxury Villas and Homes get guest feedback or reviews typically after the guest have checked out of the luxury villa. One of the first or main positive remarks is around the Privacy and the luxury they experienced. And its no surprise that the villa staff in that they “were beyond excellent”, “no job too small” as such the feeling is the service is even more impressive than those found in 5 star resorts. This is one of the very same reasons guest will want to come back year in year out to the same villa.

What facilities to expect  

Stunning Samui villa designs ideal for large groups

“With so many various luxury villa designs that have either been designed to the owners needs or designed to cater for the growing demands of rental guests”

Its not just the facilities but its the clever use of design and variety of living spaces for both indoor and outdoor. One place you would expect to find guest using and relaxing throughout the day and evening is around the swimming pool. Many of the more contemporary designed villas don't only have a Thai Balinese Sala but will have semi custom built open living, relaxing spaces with comfortable sunken seated lounges next to the pool area with  ventilated roofs either with fans and lighting. And it doesn't stop there as you will have all the latest mod cons at hand such as fully integrated music systems, media devices integrated dinning tables and space for mini bars, pool tables and even a BBQ pit.

What a view

Sunset and views of the Five islands

“Samui really does boats some sublime tropical views and even more so when seen from a high vantage point”

The island may appear limited if you only travel around the main ring road. However once you venture up to the hillside roads and paths you will see some amazing island views that you might not of expected.With tropical jungles surrounding hillsides and azure Crystal clear waters and bays fringed by palm and coconut trees. Many of the luxury private Samui villas available for rent are situated in some of the most impressive locations. Heading to wards Taling Ngam for example and for those staying in any of the villas at The Headland Villas or The View will see the almost mystic 'Five island' in the close distance from the shore or hillside. Whats stopping you go explore and more importantly take in the sunset views from your private villa.


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