Phuket Beach Villas

The Benefits of Phuket Beach Villas

Staying in Phuket beach villas 

The island of Phuket sits in the Andaman Sea in the south of Thailand and is the kingdom's largest island and by far and away its most famous. Phuket draws visitors from far and near, year after year, thanks to its incredible beaches, amazing sunsets and luxurious properties.

Local hospitality

Like the rest of Thailand, Phuket is famous for the warmth and friendliness of its people. Unlike in the bustling capital Bangkok, local people still have a relaxed approach to life and are always happy to help and welcome visitors with a smile and genuine hospitality. As an ingrained part of Thai culture in general, this warmth and hospitality is even more amplified by the employees in the hospitality industry, and for many guests renting a Phuket beach front villa, daily interaction with local people is one of the highlights of the stay.

Luxury living 

As a holiday destination that caters to an increasingly upscale clientele, in recent years Phuket has seen remarkable growth in the number of Phuket luxury villas being built and offered for rent on the island. With so much coastline available, a great number of these properties are situated close the beach.

“Lxury private villas in Phuket feature all the facilities you would expect to find at a five star hotel on the island.”

Many of the villas are on or close to Phuket’s beaches and boast a range of facilities and amenities rarely found even in more mature tourist markets such as Europe. Strong competition means developers and owners work hard to outdo one another, and in recent years villas have started to feature more extravagant flourishes that offer guests a true celebrity lifestyle. 

The following facilities are enjoyed by many guests who opt to rent private villas on Phuket:


The perfect Phuket property

Villas on Phuket differ greatly in terms of size and style, meaning whatever the holiday requirements, there is a property to match. In addition to providing an appealing selection of private facilities, one interesting trend that has caught hold in recent years has seen a proliferation of green designs, with architects taking full advantage of Phuket's kind climate and also adding technology to conserve water and make sure their properties have a minimal impact on the island environment. At the same time, construction standards have continued to improve, and today the villas that go up on Phuket are as modern and green as those in more developed parts of the world.

“Private villas feature cutting edge architectural design trends and eco-friendly characteristics"

Phuket's natural beauty guarantees its popularity endures, and thankfully for would-be visitors this popularity has not yet spoiled it. The island and its people are still charming and with the option to stay in one of the island’s beautiful beach villas, visitors return to Thailand's most famous destination year after year.