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What makes Phuket Luxury Villas an attractive alternative to a 5-star resort?

Phuket has a strong reputation as one of Asia’s premier destinations for a luxury holiday experience. In recent years it has seen an incredible boom in the development of luxurious private villas, offering guests not only privacy and seclusion but also the very best personalised amenities and services to make their time in Phuket truly unforgettable.

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In the early days of Phuket’s private villa market, the island had a reputation for somewhat unpredictable construction quality, but over the last decade or so the market has become much more sophisticated. Nowadays, the quality of properties that are built on the island compares and even exceeds those seen in developments being built in other top resort destinations around world. Codes are on par with exacting international standards, and the island is also starting to see rapid growth in “green” building practices, with architects and builders utilizing the natural power of the sun and wind to lower energy costs and keep each property’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

As construction quality and green building practices improve on Phuket the level of luxury offered by the island’s villas is also on the rise. Although Phuket is home to a large number of hotels and high-rise resorts, those looking for the truly luxurious properties increasingly turn to private Phuket luxury villas when seeking the best accommodation.

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Phuket’s luxury rental properties come in a wide variety of sizes and styles and offer an incredible selection of amenities, such as private pools, Jacuzzis, private sun terraces, gourmet kitchens, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, security systems, landscaped tropical gardens and sometimes even private beaches. Many villas come with staff as well, including not only essential daily help such as housekeeping. but also in many cases a personal chef to prepare exquisite meals, a concierge to make bookings and recommendations and a chauffeur to drive guests around the island in style and comfort. These are the personal touches that make a big difference and guarantee that each stay is truly perfect and hassle-free.

As Thailand’s largest island, Phuket also offers guests a great deal of variety when it comes to picking out the most appealing part of the island to stay in. Some parts of the island, such as Patong, are highly developed and offer guests a vibrant nightlife scene along with excellent shopping and dining outlets. Those seeking a little more peace and quiet might enjoy a villa situated on a cliff overlooking the sea at Kamala or a hidden spot nestled into one of the island’s many bays and coves. More recently, the nearby coastal province of Phang Nga also now offers a fabulous secluded alternative, meaning there's a location to match everyone's holiday preferences.

The growth in Phuket luxury villas has provided visitors with a large selection of properties to choose from and an attractive choice of of prices to match. The island itself is great to visit all year round, with warm weather on offer 365 days a year; even during the rainy season the rains don’t last more than an hour or two, on average.

The perfect way to make any stay on the island the best it can be is to book a private and luxurious villa. With so many styles, sizes and locations to choose from. it's no wonder people from around the world return to enjoy the island and its villas year after year.

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