Bali villas located in Seminyak


The mystical Indonesian island of Bali is perhaps one of the most sought after destinations for travellers in search of absolute calm and relaxation. Beach-goers, surfers and yoga fanatics alike flock to the island to enjoy its unique tropical scenery and warm climate, and visitors in search of a spiritual experience to head to inland towns such as Ubud, known for its meditative ambience and retreat-like feel.

“Booking out a private villa is often more economical than booking several hotel rooms"

An increasing number of visitors to Bali also seek out a more high-end vacation experience, however, which is why the range of private villas on offer is now vast and appealing. Rental properties can be found in a wide variety of stunning locations around the island, many overlooking the rolling waves of the Bali Sea. Prices are surprisingly affordable for more modest properties, while for guests looking for the ultimate luxury break the sky's the limit.


Sizzle in Seminyak


Up market Seminyak has grown exponentially in the last fifteen years from a quaint fishing village into the sophisticated resort centre it is today. The bustling town boasts a whole host of luxurious boutiques that offer everything from designer clothes, shoes and accessories to elegant home furnishings. There are also a number of galleries in the area where visitors can browse everything from colourful depictions of the surrounding tropical landscape to traditional Balinese wood carvings.

“Seminyak is home to a number of high end boutiques and galleries that attract scores of fashionable shopaholics.”

Seminyak beach itself is also popular with surfers, particularly in the island’s dry season. Visitors interested in surfing can take classes to familiarise themselves with the basics before heading out into the breaks on their own. Seminyak is a great place to start surfing as the waves in the area are not too big or the currents to strong for those just starting out with the sport.


Staying in a Private Villa


The private villas located in and around Seminyak truly offer guests the best of Bali luxury. Although the island boasts a number of high-end resorts, staying in one of Seminyak’s private villas comes with the following advantages:

        •      It allows for a personalised vacation that is not dictated by a hotel’s rules and schedules

        •      It provides a more economical option for groups than several rooms in a hotel

        •      A villa offers a lot more living space than a hotel room

        •      Private villas offer guests a greater sense of privacy

        •      The facilities available rival those on offer in any five star hotel

Depending on the size of your group, Seminyak has a range of properties to choose from and will almost certainly offer the perfect villa to suit your party's needs. From one or two-bedroom bungalows for couples, to five-bedroom mansions for families, Seminyak has the full gamut of luxury properties.

Facilities in the often include a private swimming pool, as well as landscaped gardens, private Jacuzzis, spacious living areas and fully fitted kitchens, not to mention the services of dedicated villa staff.




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